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Caring For Vulnerable Children In SRI LANKA

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We arrived in April, just after the Singhala and Tamil New Year.  Some of the children had gone to stay with family members with the blessing of the Probation & Child Care Services.  They soon returned full of beans, and we were delighted to meet the new house parents who had agreed to join our staff (the current house mother being due to leave at the end of July to be married).

There was a thrilling annual sports day arranged by the Child Care Services for our children and three other homes from the southern area. Naturally our children won the most certificates! One of our boys who’s on a scholarship at a sports academy won six!  It was such a success that the Services want to hold it in our grounds every year.

Above is the children’s “Wendy house” in which the younger ones enjoy playing, cooking and doing homework!

On the left is a monitor lizard, a frequent visitor.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity.  We now need to raise funds for upgrading the toilets and washrooms at the back of the main house and we also need a newer, larger minibus (the current one is 11 years old) to take all of our children in one go to school and back, as well as any other trips.

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